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You may not see the other side of EWI ──Digital Wabi-Sabi

EWI4000S and EWI USB Not many people know EWI (AKAI Electric Wind Instrument).
The early type of wind synthesizer consisted of two parts: a wind controller and a synthesizer in a rackmount box. But AKAI released the first 'combined' type as EWI4000S in 2004.
EWI4000S (also 4000SW,5000) needs no AC power,either.
So you can play it even in the field with an battery-powered amp or can practice in the subway train with a headphone.

EWI is much easier to play than you may imagine. I myself started playing this instrument when I was 57 and a half years old. Though I had no experience of playing real wind instruments like sax or clarinet, after a month I could enjoy some jam session with professional players. It is not too late to start EWI. Yes, this is the most attractive advantage of EWI.

If you... ,you should buy and start EWI.

Many of active EWI players tend to think EWI is a kind of loud and ostentatious tools. But it is a shallow preoccupation. We can express the deep and delicate shade of melodies. I call this touch and style 'Digital Wabi-Sabi'.
One of the sample tunes are auto-played in this web page. The tones like violin or violla are played with EWI.
I hope you will find the captivation of this instrument.

Self Liner Note

Jin Soda  at Baku Genjin-Mura in Fukushima (April 2014)

Each one of us has a unique ear for music.
It means everyone places value in some different aspect.
In my case the most important element is the melody.
Melody is a language in itself and has its own value.
I use digital instruments to translate the melodies in my mind into sounds.
They are merely the means I use to make music.
While I have made this album entirely for my own pleasure, it will give me much joy if I could share it with you.

『Digital Wabi-Sabi  ─As Easy As EWI』 Digital Wabi-Sabi ─As Easy As EWI

You should find the new world of modern music that shows the ambivalence of classical melody and digital possibility in this album 'Digital Wabi-Sabi'.
Enjoy splendid melodies and 'wabi-sabi' improvisations of EWI that you've never experienced.

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autoplayauto play 'Another Christmas' (Jin Soda)

Jin Soda profile

(2014/4/26 at Daddy's Cafe in Nikko 'KAMUNA x Erik Santos')

EWI4000S vs Roland Aerophone GO (AE-05)

iReal Pro + AppleTV + EWI4000S

Recently I found an awesome application for iOS 'iReal Pro'.
Thousands of songs can be played as 'minus 1 backing' by MIDI and we can train EWI solo easily on this tool.
Many playstyles are prepared in this and we can even edit almost all parameters and chord itself.
I connect my iPad mini to the TV set in the living room with AppleTV (WiFi networking tool). See it↑

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